EMN Radio

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One of my most-recent projects, EMN Radio, a family of radio stations that includes the following:

EMN Radio TV: An experiment in converting TV into audio. It's sort of an EMN simulation with its own flavors, including blocks for stuff I like to fall asleep to. I'm thinking of having fun with other pre-programmed content blocks, but it's also just nice to have on in the background and on road trips.

EMN Vibes: All the music that plays on EMN Vibes, as it plays! Well, that's the idea eventually. One day I'd love to make a page that basically simulates EMN Vibes as a channel. I'll have to research that. Until then, enjoy the chill music.

Sirena Beach Radio: A station so nice I've made it thrice. Nothing but Super Mario Sunshine, Donkey Kong Country games, and a few others like Waterworld, Outrun, and Persona 5. A summer night station with a very narrow focus.

I have a few ideas for the future and it was fun to design a teletext-style page just to do something different. Check it out!