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11/24/2023 - Articles, RSS, and More!

Housekeeping, features, and a promise.

Every time I set a routine to work on the site, I tend to have really great bursts of creativity. It turns out that dedicating some consistency to your craft and passion leads to you having fun and working hard?! What?!

I said last update that I was going to make a gallery about our trip to GCW, and I did, and I said I was going to make a section for us to post movie essays, and I did. And then I went and made another gallery for the custom physical tapes and DVDs I've made! Overachiever much?

But - to quote the late, great Billy Mays - I'm not done yet! I've tightened up some code around the site, added some cute buttons to the main page, added more IDs to jump directly to news items on this page, and most-importantly I've made it super easy to follow along with updates to the website! You see the RSS button up there? Well, just click it and copy the link (or just click here) and put it in your favorite RSS reader! Bam! A news feed for the site to show you whenever I do an article update or a news story! If you don't know a good RSS reader, might I recommend Fraidycat or Feeder?

Okay, enough about all these other updates! Things are different now! There are only a few more days left in November! And so, my goal from now until the end of the month, and probably the end of the year, is to work on the programming guides a little bit every single day until they're all in a state that I consider complete! Soon, the structure, the very foundation of EMN Online will be finished, and then from there it'll be...well, time to continue doing what I'm doing. I have a lot of fun ideas for articles and such! Hopefully next time I post an update it'll be because I've finished what I've been promising to finish for, like, two years! Ciao for now!

11/14/2023 - Happy Birthday To Me!

32 Years, 24 Channels.

Well, it's been a year since the last update, and now I'm a year older! Hooray! "Erin," you may ask, "how is this website not finished yet?". Well, I'm asking that myself! That's why just about every day this month I've set a goal to work on this site for at least an hour until everything is finished! Of course, being ourselves, that means more than just the existing pages...

You see, we...definitely went a little crazy in the meantime with EMN proper. As in, we added a fifth channel, EMN Pro, and we also finally completed the Most-Wanted channel we had been teasing for months, and we went and made a Movies marathon channel as well...Look, we've been busy outside of the site, and that's been making more work for the site, okay?! But on the bright side, I've simplified some of the Programming Guide for some of the channels, drastically reducing my workload, and that whole hour-a-day thing has been working just fine. Maybe I'll really finish by the end of the year! I mean, doubtful, but maybe!

Along with the Programming Guides I want to also have some extra pages coming up in the near-future. Mandy and I have been doing some really nice writing about movies and I want to archive some of my favorite pieces of ours in a Great Movies section, similar to what Roger Ebert would do, and I have some plans for photo galleries too, starting with the time we went to Game Changer Wrestling's I Can't Save You a few months ago. So, watch this space! Ciao for now!

11/4/2022 - Listen To The Radio

In Which I Make Yet Another Project

Hi! Hello! Been a while. I've actually been hard at work with things related to the website, even if the programming guides aren't entirely done. For one thing, October has come and went, which means we have so many movies to add to the Horror guide oh god. For another, I've been archiving our old creative writing in a lockbox just to make sure I don't lose it. I don't think I'll post that stuff publicly, but hey, it's been fun. And finally, I've managed to launch EMN Radio! Click here to check that out! It's a trio of stations inspired by the Zone Radio Network from way back when, all on a site that started as me trying to make a page to emulate the aesthetic of Teletext. Now you, too, can listen to what's playing on EMN Vibes, or have an all-audio simulation of EMN. It's fun to fall asleep to! And road trip to! I don't see it being a major thing, just a fun little experimental art project.

I've also been working on updating the Things I Bought At Thrift Stores page, which right now really needs images for my Sony Watchman. In the future I want to get on archiving some of my VHS tapes as well. Busy, busy. But that's all for now! Have a great day, and I'll see you when this place is hopefully a little more complete.

6/19/2022 - Samples No More.

Images! Images! Images!

Whew! Over the past few months (and especially few weeks) I've been buckling down and I can finally say it's been worth it. Every single programming guide now has images! No more pages of Sample Image! As for plot summaries and descriptions as to why we added them to various channels or our personal experiences with the media in question...well, that's coming. Eventually. I want to hopefully get it all done this year but somehow I think I may have underestimated how much writing that is. But damn it, it's worth it.

There are still a few things to do - the Christmas page still has several missing items that I'll be updating over the coming weeks, and we have a big Horror update as well as smaller updates for other channels but for now I'm satisfied. Maybe as I slowly update the programming guides I'll finally have a bit of time to work on more actual articles. That'd be nice. Anyway, have fun, and I'll see you next time.

4/14/2022 - Home Depot Skeleton

EMN Version 2 is finally complete - plus, a reminder about the Links page.

Wow! Okay, so, I admit, I've been putting off this news update for a bit because technically it should've dropped the day we started this month because we finally finished the EMN2 Gaming revamp! And with that, I've officially completed the templates and skeletons for the programming guide of every single lineup we have! It's incredible! It's been seriously so fun to figure all this out and create the TV networks of our dreams.

So, I didn't make a big deal of it because I wanted the 2/22 update to stick around for a little longer, but ICYMI I made a super cool new tab up there called Links. I'm super proud of it because it's been just such a fun way to bookmark interesting and cool websites and oddities I've found, and I even figured out how to code a Surprise Me button that'll open a random link from the set of pages there. It's on the main Links page so give it a whirl! I'd love to continue to spread these weird and wild pages on the internet to everyone and anyone. These sites spark some serious joy for all kinds of reasons and I hope to use it as a place where people can gain that thrill of discovery and love that is so essential (and yet so lost) to the human soul of the world wide web.

Anyway, it's a time of celebration! EMN has reached two years! We're about to get it wired into the house! Our lineups are at the very least given a solid foundation! We'll always update these things, but for now my focus is going to shift to the various to-dos I have for the website itself - finishing all the programming guides with words and pictures, for one, and getting to work on the many articles in the backlog for another. Would you believe I've been trying to write a piece on a ten minute golf video for months now? Well, I'll get to it when I get to it, I suppose. First, the programming guide. Then, completing the EMN tutorial and doing more pieces on how the physical set-up actually is. Finally...the world. All of this mixed with making a new EP and working on some goofy side-projects and secret pages and suchlike...the life of a creative is never done.

Well, ciao for now. Stay beautiful!

2/22/2022 - Typing Two's-Day!

Articles! Updates! No roadmap!

Happy new year! Can you believe it? A day of Twos! Sadly, this update is not to tell you about how I've finished all the programming guides, but I will say that plenty has happened on the EMN side of things. After finishing preliminary lineups for all our EMN2 channels, Mandy and I decided to take a look at two lineups we weren't entirely satisfied with, which were Toys & Games and Gaming, and we've since totally revamped the first and are going to work on the second next. The revamp is fantastic - we decided to go hard on product placement shows (including As Much Yu-Gi-Oh as possible) to create a bizarre Saturday Morning Cartoon mashup. It's so funny. There are so many hilarious shows made just to sell toys. We also made a Marathons channel based on comic-book media, so Marvel and DC shows, some classic Tezuka and Leiji Matsumoto stuff, Comic Book Men, and more. It's a pretty cool one, so I'll need to get the site updated to reflect that sooner rather than later.

Second update! I have made a new article! No More Heroes III came out in 2021 and I wrote a big long ramble about why I liked it, and I decided to tidy up the ramble and post it here! I hope you enjoy it. It's amazing how many people didn't get the game, but maybe I should have seen it coming.

So, what else...well, I do plan on continuing to work on the channel lineups. EMN One had its big anniversary update, and I've updated the guide to reflect that, though there are some images that are missing from some of the new shows. The plan for this year is to get all the guides finished and to port over some tutorials I've written on how to set up your own EMN units. Make Your Own Damn Channel! I think everyone should have an EMN unit of their own. Once the guides are done and so are the tutorials it'll be back to archival work, putting up random articles, and diving deep into my weird VHS collection.

Well, that's all for now. I'll talk to you later. Stay beautiful.

Mini-update on 2/28: I was suddenly seized with the desire to add a whole new section to my site, the Bookmarks tab/link list! Go check it out!

9/12/2021 - Slow-going...

...But still going!

This website is, to say the least, an undertaking. But hey, I knew what I was signing up for when I decided that this is what I wanted to do. It's still rewarding to put words on a page. I may not be getting every page done overnight, but I've been working hard on each programming guide, with a large chunk of them templated out. In fact, one thing that's awesome that we managed to do was finally finish the prototype of every EMN2 channel! There will be revamps coming in the future, but with Rhapsody and Contact finally ready we have one channel for every month of the year. It's awesome. In other site news, more articles have come to the Media section, and I started my first article on Life & Self, though that's a living article that will be updated every time I find something cool at a thrift store. Still, check it out! Hopefully the next time we get a news update, it'll be to tell you all that the preliminary programming guides are done. Until that day comes, stay safe and stay wonderful.

6/20/2021 - The Articles Begin.

Finally, non-EMN content.

When first creating this website, I wanted to use it to post all kinds of weird articles and similar content to go along with the EMN programming guides. Well, after a day of Frankensteining together various tutorials and other peoples' code, I've finally updated the articles section in a way that will make it feasible for me to toss articles up easily but also I've written the first article I had in mind! Introducing The Same Picture of Fei Fong Wong, an illustrated guide of every time the BradyGames Xenogears Official Strategy Guide used the one piece of official Fei art they had. I have other article ideas in mind, of course, but I'm glad I got this one up. More to come as they come to me.

6/10/2021 - EMN One is EMN Done.

Programming guide up-and-running!

Holy guacamole, I thought I'd never get through all these pages! Yes, EMN1's programming guide is finished. All the posters are there, all the shows are there, all the movies are there, all the notes are there too! Obviously there's still tons of work to do - Only two out of twelve EMN2 programming guides are done, plus there's EMN3...why did we make so many channels?! Oh god. But hey, it's okay! It's fine. It's cool! It's all worth it and all super fun. At least now if people show up and watch EMN1 they can know what's playing. Kind of.

Also! I archived another site! Secrets of Sonic Team was such a great place I used to love and I've backed it up as best I could. And speaking of EMN2, the Horror and Stand-Up sections are done. I owe Mandy my life for their work on Horror and soon Christmas. We're doing it! Yeah. Other than fixing up the rest of the programming guides, plans for the site include getting back to archival as well as starting on some articles. Maybe I'll magically learn Javascript and go crazy on the articles section with some fancy footwork. Who knows. Anyway, until next time, stay lovely.

5/19/2021 - Under Construction...but nicer!

There was a skeleton man.

Well, it's been a tireless time as I work on one million other creative projects, but I'm happy to say that I've managed to basically template out the entire frame of this darn website! The sitemap is already crying, but it's going to cry more once I get even more files uploaded, more articles written, more weird updates made...oh yeah baby. Next step is to start adding at the very least the correct amount of list items, names, and dates, etc, to each channel lineup page. Right now the only thing you can do is click Next and Previous and watch the little navigation thingies on each page dance. Anyway, it's 1:09 AM. I'm going to sleep.

5/7/2021 - New domain!


That's right, baby, already! I wanted to use a URL I already had to give myself something a little more permanent. There's still plenty of dust and mess around, so mind it, but I have been slowly working on the EMN programming guides. I'm quite proud of it, actually. Simple, but effective. Half of one down, a thousand more to go. Anyway, the move is complete, the archives still work, and there's much to be done, so until next time I'm keeping my head down. Ciao!

5/2/2021 - Under Construction

helscome my wed site. its not done.

Well, I've finally done it. I've gone and made another website. It turns out the hook, the thing that really made me want to get up and give it a go, was...missing the feeling of poking around files and also wanting a place to talk about weird stuff I like in a more concrete manner. Anyway, mind the mess. Under Construction GIF here. There will be generic sample text in places for a while as I work and figure out exactly how I want to do these things. Except for in the Archives section, I guess. That place is okay. If it were my house it'd be the kitchen, because I spend an inordinate amount of time on making it fully-featured while neglecting things like the dining room placemats. Anyway, have a lovely day, and I'll see you very soon.