Media Talk

This is a catch-all space for where I'll post articles about all kinds of things that interest me and have to do with media. I love curiosities, rambling about shows and film, music, and gaming, and I hope to have a good time coming up with things to talk about.

A few common article types you might find here are The VHS Vault, a series of articles where I explore various novelty or unusual VHS releases in my collection, and Signal Panic Inc., which is a catch-all I've used for various creative endeavors but mostly nowadays is the name of my music projects. I also plan on writing articles on thrift store finds, things from my youth, observations, and more.

I hope you have fun here! I know I'm looking forward to it.

- Erin

Latest Article: Game of the Year 2021: No More Heroes III
Posted: 2/22/22
Out of all the games I played this year, No More Heroes III was the one I'd say was the best. A furious and satirical end to a saga decades in the making, I break down the many reasons why I loved every second of this game and the series it is a part of.