June 10, 2021 - EMN One is EMN Done.

Programming guide up-and-running!

By: Erin

Posted: June 10, 2021

Holy guacamole, I thought I'd never get through all these pages! Yes, EMN1's programming guide is finished. All the posters are there, all the shows are there, all the movies are there, all the notes are there too! Obviously there's still tons of work to do - Only two out of twelve EMN2 programming guides are done, plus there's EMN3...why did we make so many channels?! Oh god. But hey, it's okay! It's fine. It's cool! It's all worth it and all super fun. At least now if people show up and watch EMN1 they can know what's playing. Kind of.

Also! I archived another site! Secrets of Sonic Team was such a great place I used to love and I've backed it up as best I could. And speaking of EMN2, the Horror and Stand-Up sections are done. I owe Mandy my life for their work on Horror and soon Christmas. We're doing it! Yeah. Other than fixing up the rest of the programming guides, plans for the site include getting back to archival as well as starting on some articles. Maybe I'll magically learn Javascript and go crazy on the articles section with some fancy footwork. Who knows. Anyway, until next time, stay lovely.