April 14, 2022 - Home Depot Skeleton

EMN Version 2 is finally complete - plus, a reminder about the Links page.

By: Erin

Posted: April 14, 2022

Wow! Okay, so, I admit, I've been putting off this news update for a bit because technically it should've dropped the day we started this month because we finally finished the EMN2 Gaming revamp! And with that, I've officially completed the templates and skeletons for the programming guide of every single lineup we have! It's incredible! It's been seriously so fun to figure all this out and create the TV networks of our dreams.

So, I didn't make a big deal of it because I wanted the 2/22 update to stick around for a little longer, but ICYMI I made a super cool new tab up there called Links. I'm super proud of it because it's been just such a fun way to bookmark interesting and cool websites and oddities I've found, and I even figured out how to code a Surprise Me button that'll open a random link from the set of pages there. It's on the main Links page so give it a whirl! I'd love to continue to spread these weird and wild pages on the internet to everyone and anyone. These sites spark some serious joy for all kinds of reasons and I hope to use it as a place where people can gain that thrill of discovery and love that is so essential (and yet so lost) to the human soul of the world wide web.

Anyway, it's a time of celebration! EMN has reached two years! We're about to get it wired into the house! Our lineups are at the very least given a solid foundation! We'll always update these things, but for now my focus is going to shift to the various to-dos I have for the website itself - finishing all the programming guides with words and pictures, for one, and getting to work on the many articles in the backlog for another. Would you believe I've been trying to write a piece on a ten minute golf video for months now? Well, I'll get to it when I get to it, I suppose. First, the programming guide. Then, completing the EMN tutorial and doing more pieces on how the physical set-up actually is. Finally...the world. All of this mixed with making a new EP and working on some goofy side-projects and secret pages and suchlike...the life of a creative is never done.

Well, ciao for now. Stay beautiful!