November 04, 2022 - Listen To The Radio

In Which I Make Yet Another Project

By: Erin

Posted: November 04, 2022

Hi! Hello! Been a while. I've actually been hard at work with things related to the website, even if the programming guides aren't entirely done. For one thing, October has come and went, which means we have so many movies to add to the Horror guide oh god. For another, I've been archiving our old creative writing in a lockbox just to make sure I don't lose it. I don't think I'll post that stuff publicly, but hey, it's been fun. And finally, I've managed to launch EMN Radio! Click here to check that out! It's a trio of stations inspired by the Zone Radio Network from way back when, all on a site that started as me trying to make a page to emulate the aesthetic of Teletext. Now you, too, can listen to what's playing on EMN Vibes, or have an all-audio simulation of EMN. It's fun to fall asleep to! And road trip to! I don't see it being a major thing, just a fun little experimental art project.

I've also been working on updating the Things I Bought At Thrift Stores page, which right now really needs images for my Sony Watchman. In the future I want to get on archiving some of my VHS tapes as well. Busy, busy. But that's all for now! Have a great day, and I'll see you when this place is hopefully a little more complete.