November 14, 2023 - Happy Birthday To Me!

32 Years, 24 Channels.

By: Erin

Posted: November 14, 2023

Well, it's been a year since the last update, and now I'm a year older! Hooray! "Erin," you may ask, "how is this website not finished yet?". Well, I'm asking that myself! That's why just about every day this month I've set a goal to work on this site for at least an hour until everything is finished! Of course, being ourselves, that means more than just the existing pages...

You see, we...definitely went a little crazy in the meantime with EMN proper. As in, we added a fifth channel, EMN Pro, and we also finally completed the Most-Wanted channel we had been teasing for months, and we went and made a Movies marathon channel as well...Look, we've been busy outside of the site, and that's been making more work for the site, okay?! But on the bright side, I've simplified some of the Programming Guide for some of the channels, drastically reducing my workload, and that whole hour-a-day thing has been working just fine. Maybe I'll really finish by the end of the year! I mean, doubtful, but maybe!

Along with the Programming Guides I want to also have some extra pages coming up in the near-future. Mandy and I have been doing some really nice writing about movies and I want to archive some of my favorite pieces of ours in a Great Movies section, similar to what Roger Ebert would do, and I have some plans for photo galleries too, starting with the time we went to Game Changer Wrestling's I Can't Save You a few months ago. So, watch this space! Ciao for now!