EMN2 - Monthly Content

EMN2 is a channel dedicated to monthly themed channels each with their own logos, lineups, and ideas. Each month has a theme, though we shift them around and sometimes play fast-and-loose with certain channels and their place in the lineup, switching when we feel like it. We also, when we have guests, take requests to switch the lineup to their preferred one for when they visit. Currently, the 2022 month-to-month planned schedule looks something like this...


EMN Stand-Up

Comedy! Comedic films, comedic videos, classic sitcoms like Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or more unusual comedic shows like Venture Bros, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Brooklyn 99, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Parks & Recreation, and much more. Also, of course, a bunch of great movies.


EMN Toys & Games

A variety channel packed with card games, shows about card games, crazy domino tricks, toy documentaries, and shows that want nothing more than for you to buy all their playsets and toys. It'll get you talking with every series of Yu-Gi-Oh, The Transformers, GI Joe, Sky Dancers, The Domino King, James May's Toy Stories, and more.



Japanese content - specifically, as much tokusatsu as we could muster. Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Godzilla are joined by Toei Spider-Man, live action Sailor Moon, Cutie Honey, and even more! The reason it's here is because it's Mandy's birthday month, and it makes them happy. It'll make you happy too.


EMN Gaming

All videogame content all month! GameCenterCX dominates the airwaves along with the Angry Video Game Nerd, tons of deep looks into the aspects of game creation, facts, glitches, easter eggs, documentaries about the making of your favorite games, and the classic 90s UK gaming competition show GamesMaster. On top of all that you're sure to run into any and all of the many, many TV show and movie adaptations of games, the great and the grim.


EMN Life

This whole channel is all about the mysteries and wonders of life, with the science expert Bill Nye, the mysteries of How It's Made, the Joy of Painting, and deep dives into space, conspiracy theories, the Mythbusters, Pawn Stars, and more - including tours of amusement parks, abandoned buildings, beautiful countrysides, and exotic locales.


EMN Flashback

Taking you back to the 80s and 90s with classic cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Tick, Freakazoid, Animaniacs, and so much more. Plus, tons of classic films like Blade Runner, Terminator 2, and cult classics too! Combine that with some old school music videos and ads and even some great 80s live action shows and you have something totally rad.


EMN Contact

A dive into the world beyond! Featuring space operas, soaring fantastical lands, and great shows like Star Trek Deep Space 9, Adventure Time, and more. Everything from wizards and warlocks to Klingons and Jedi live here, and perhaps things you've never seen before. High fantasy, low fantasy, cyberpunk, and news broadcasts from another time and place all live in harmony here.


EMN Rhapsody

Music is in the air! Featuring all kinds of musical episodes, musical movies, musical TV shows, the Music Man, the Music Meister, it's a channel all about music. This is a fun channel because you never know whether you'll get a crazy dance number, a bombastic show stopper, or a deep dive into the life and times of some of the most iconic rock stars ever. We love musicals, and they're as refreshing as a summer breeze!


EMN Mysteries

Whodunnit? That's up to you to find out on this mysterious channel. Featuring Scooby-Doo, Fillmore, Murder She Wrote, Monk, Twin Peaks, and tons of classic mysteries both classic and modern!


EMN Horror

A collection of some of the finest and not-so-finest horror movies around, plus plenty of Monster Madness and spooky shorts to thrill and entertain. Complete with some fine horror hosts and some midnight cult classics! This is our channel we add and remove content from the most, so expect big shifts in the lineup every year!


EMN Food

Our own take on the Food Network, including hits like Good Eats, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Triple D, with some varied content like Iron Chef Japan, Sweet Genius, various foodTubers, and even the Great British Bake-Off. This one's here because I love to celebrate my birthday with some darn good food, and it being on during Thanksgiving just makes sense!


EMN Christmas

We found as many Christmas episodes of various shows that we could as well as plenty of Christmas movies and slammed them all on here. We dug deep into the bottom of the barrel for this one, and I mean deep, but I can't say it doesn't have the spirit. Ho ho ho.