EMN Vibes

Our fourth and final channel, and one that came about as a way to have our own version of Slow TV...or at least, that was the initial intent. Mandy brought up the idea of a YouTube channel they used to like that would show longplays, but with music playing over them. What we ended up doing was taking the video from one source and an iPod loaded up with videogame songs that chill us out or just make us happy, and we combined it to create a channel perfect for background noise that also ended up being very, very weird art.

This channel aims for a very specific aesthetic (or vibe if you will) but it also uses the random nature of the audio and video attached to it to create some very strange coincidences and moments that are either hilarious because of the unfitting music or genuinely beautiful because of the synergy of audio and video. It has longplays, plenty of them, and it has old obscure anime, old VHS training videos, and other unusual visuals.

This is an experimental channel, and I am so happy we made it. It's perfect for putting on in the background when you want to have a conversation over it, or it's just good to truly zone out to. Or as I put it in my original write-up, "an endless playlist of lo-fi beats, videogame songs, remixes, and others set to an eclectic mix of abstract art, old school videogame longplays, public access programming, classic anime, and more. Perhaps you'll find your next surreal masterpiece here, or it could just make for something nice to have on in the background."