EMN Marathons

EMN Marathons' slogan is simplicity. This is meant to be the simple alternative to the previous two in terms of set up. Every channel lineup is housed in its own USB stick, it has no dedicated ad or bumper breaks, and is just meant to have a single type of content that plays 24/7 automatically. We change it up whenever we feel like it, and add to it whenever we want. It's that simple. So, what kind of marathons are available? Well...

Dragon Ball

As much English Dragon Ball content as possible! This includes he original Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Kai, GT, Super, and even some fun filler episodes of Dragon Ball Z. This also includes all the movies, several video game longplays, and some surprises, too. This is one of my favorites!

Games Done Quick

Speedrunning marathon Games Done Quick has been going on for years, and its live audience and performance makes it both exciting and fun to watch. This lineup mixes it all up with AGDQ and SGDQ runs going back years.


This is a channel full of commentary-less gameplay of all kinds of videogames from all kinds of eras. While the Vibes channel has plenty of longplays as well, this has a charm of its own as it brings the sounds of the games in an endless stream and has more modern and handheld titles. The idea behind this is simple - I wanted to fall asleep to it.

One Piece

Yo ho ho! All the English One Piece episodes, using the Funimation dub, plus all the English dubbed movies that aren't just recaps. Also a few Japanese movies too. What can I say, we like pirates.


Do you like action, martial arts, B-movies, or bizarre films from the bottom of the barrel at the video store? We have the channel for you! An endless stream of the mindless, the macabre, the violent and the cheesy - it's your ticket to a 24/7 showing! This channel is great because there's some truly excellent films, some truly awful films, and some truly baffling films on here, and you never know exactly what you're gonna get. I will warn you, though, it's not for the faint of heart.


We like comics! Marvel and DC, sure, but also Image Comics, Mirage Comics, and manga as well. That's why Excelsior exists - it's a channel full of media based around comic books. The MCU and DCEU, naturally, but also Leiji Matsumoto and Osamu Tezuka shows, shows inspired by American comics and superheroes, and great animated films like Persepolis. We really tried to have a great variety of content here, though of course a majority is taken up by classic superhero cartoons. And when we say classic, we mean going back to 60s Spider-Man or the Fleischer Superman cartoons. There's a great mix of camp and cult on this channel and it's a whole lot of fun.


While I've always enjoyed G Gundam and Gundam Wing, to say nothing of Gundam Battle Assault 2, I think we both found a real fondness for Gundam and mecha anime as a whole while putting together EMN Contact. As Mandy puts it, it's just Monster Of The Week enough to work in this format. This channel has pretty much all the best-received Gundam series', including Iron-Blooded Orphans, Seed, and even the Japanese-subbed versions of Build Fighters and Build Fighters Try. It's not all Gundam, though, as we have classics like VOTOMS, a ton of Sunrise properties like Cross-Ange, and plenty of Macross too. There are even a few movies like Robot Jox and Pacific Rim to shake things up.


Crime! Capers! Heists! Secret Agents! Thieves! Cops! Robbers! Cowboys! Outlaws! If you want action, adventure, suspense, and thrills, EMN Most-Wanted has you covered. Whether you like the over-the-top Hollywood action of Lethal Weapon and Face/Off, the cleverness of Fantastic Mr. Fox, the gritty criminality of The Long Good Friday or In Bruges, or even the colorful adventures present in You're Under Arrest and Lupin III, Most-Wanted has got you covered. Hell, we even have The Man With No Name and James Bond on here. Bang.


The best-of-the-best, our Classic Movies, our Criterion Collection. This is a channel that plays nothing but our favorite movies, both the masterful and the meandering, on an endless loop. All of these films are featured on various other EMN Channels, but this is the only time you'll see them all in one place.